Jines Restaurant, Inc

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Jines history in the United States started in 1954 when George Gines immigrated from Greece as a 21-year-old. At that time George worked for his Uncles at Critics Ice Cream, where they owned several ice cream stores throughout the Rochester area. In 1961, George transformed the West Main Street location from an ice cream store to a full service restaurant, and that was the birth of their restaurant business.

In 1971, George opened the Park Avenue location and called it Jines. For over 40 years and approaching three generations, Jines has emphasized quality food, excellent service in a clean and comfortable environment. If you enter Jines today you will still see George and his wife Maria. Day to day operations are handled by his son Peter, with the help of his wife Amy and his two boys George and Sam.

Located in the cultural and historic Park Avenue neighborhood of Rochester, NY—serving: breakfast, lunch, and dinner any time of the day. A friendly and comfortable atmosphere with consistent, high-quality food and service.

Whether you’re in the mood for a grilled fillet or a grilled cheese, Jines is an upscale diner with something for everyone!

We also have a great wine and draft beer selection, including hand-crafted micro-brewed beers.